Want to Own a Handyman Franchise?

Dive into the world of business ownership with iHandyMan! This is your moment to seize exciting opportunities and soar to new heights. We have three unique handyman franchise packages available.

Handyman Unit Franchise

If you’re starting a handyman business, a unit franchise is a great place to start. This handyman franchise opportunity includes working one-on-one with residential and light commercial customers either hands on as an owner operator or with staff.

Everyone is in need of iHandyman services, now is your chance to make it a business! For larger jobs you will hire outside contractors and manage the project for your customer.

Work from a home office, with staff or without – your choice. Starting at $14,900. Get in touch with us.

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Handyman Multi Unit Franchise

This is a handyman franchise opportunity for the business minded person to develop a larger territory consisting of several franchises.

This would be appropriate for those who have the skill set to administer and market their businesses on a larger scale and manage significant staffing requirements. Get in touch with us.

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Handyman International Master Franchise

This is an opportunity for the business minded person to develop a larger territory consisting of multiple franchised locations. Typical territories range from 3-5 million in population and up. The International Master or Country Franchise owner receives a revenue stream from franchise sales and ongoing royalties while supporting and encouraging the success of their team. With a reasonable investment of $19,900 per million in population, the Master or Country Franchise is a fantastic opportunity to earn a significant return on investment while working from home.

work from home handyman franchise opportunity with iHandyman offers you the chance to change careers or enhance your existing career, own your own business and become your own boss, without re-inventing the wheel. 

Our low cost handyman franchise opportunity gives you the chance to fulfill your dreams of self-employment, job security and financial gain that come with a proven method, without the high risk and uncertainty that plagues the traditional business marketplace.

With the expert training and enthusiastic support of the iHandyman team, success is yours to achieve! Get in touch with us.

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